How to Make 3 Meals a Day with TMKEFFC Smoking Guns

Dec 29, 2022falls shu
How to Make 3 Meals a Day with TMKEFFC Smoking Guns

In life, they say that the devil is in the details, but most often than not, we don't notice them and we often take them for granted. There are many details that you just can't live without, yet you often forget that they exist. That is why it is so important to pay attention to those details, since they are only present for a limited time, just like smoke is there for a limited time.  

In the evening, after a good paycheck, we enjoy a delicious steak dinner and a lazy brunch on a sunny Sunday morning. A special mention should go to the scrumptious chocolate chip pancakes you made with the kids at 8 p.m. after a long day of work, homework, and helping your kids with their assignments. I think this is just the tiniest thing. 

We truly enjoy these small windows of bliss that make the joys of life possible and we feel inspired to make creations like TMKEFFC smoking guns. You can read about the Best Gift Choices for Food Geeks. Our smoking gun recipes remix these wonderful bite-sized delights into a mouthful of overwhelming bliss! You'll never forget those beautiful moments in life when a misty sensation adds a twist to them. Let's start with the most significant meal of the day!

Smoked Breakfast

Smoking guns as a cooking device, who would have thought? But the truth is you can smoke almost anything, including eggs, bacon, you know...the works. We bet you had NO IDEA that you could smoke pancakes! Oh, even better. Blueberry pancakes...mind...blown!

Yes! In fact, it is not that complicated at all; many of our smoking guns reviews do say it's super

Easy to use. It's as easy as mixing up the end product. This is why you end up making your grandma's super secret blueberry pancake recipe. You're ready to serve, or so you thought!

Plate the stack of pancakes and cover with our smoking lid, then fill the quail with

Chips of applewood, turn it on and light it up! You want to start on high but then take it down to low; let the sweet smoke engulf the stack for 1-2 minutes for ultimate goodness!

Serve with your favorite flavoring syrup and enjoy!

Smoked Lunch

Do you remember the first time you smoked a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Would you prefer a shrimp salad or a crab salad? That's pretty cool, isn't it? You'll feel like a mad scientist when you do this! It's the rich flavor of hickory that's designed to give your lunchtime a kick. The smell will drive your co-workers crazy, as well as your boss!

All you need to do is place your already prepped meal under our smoking lid, then load the

You can use our preferred wood chips too! Just turn it on and light it up! Reveal your masterpiece and enjoy!

Smoked Dinner

By this point, you have probably noticed that you are able to smoke just about anything...even pizza! So, come dinner time, give your kids something that they will look forward to eating! They'll think they're eating a volcano eruption! One of our favorites in our recipe collection is our homemade smoked salmon. Your kids will LOVE this one. It's a win-win situation because they're eating healthy and you are happy about it!

Flavor your life with TMKEFFC smoking guns today!!! 


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