TMKEFFC Cold Smokers Recipe for Oven Ribs

Jan 09, 2023falls shu
TMKEFFC Cold Smokers Recipe for Oven Ribs

Smoking guns are basically smokers with wood chips. Smoke chips are placed in the chamber, then smoke is pumped into the meat and stuff. Since TMKEFFC cold smokers are not hot smokers, when they are cold, they do not cook food in any way. A smoking gun is all about getting the smoky flavour in there. Different flavoured chip woods and all that stuff do that. This is kind of a flavour thing. There are also warm smokers and hot smokers, when you want to cook things like joints of meat and stuff for hours, the slow cooking thing.

Smoking guns are about flavouring. Let's make some oven ribs but we're gonna smoke them afterwards to try and give them that authentic sort of taste. A TMKEFFC smoking gun can smoke a pie and a variety of other foods and drinks.

We'll start by marinating the ribs. You need to follow those steps:

  1. One onion and two garlic cloves chopped.
  2. Put a small amount of low-flame olive oil in the pot. Nicely flatten the garlic. Just mix a bit for about three or four minutes.
  3. Two tablespoons of water sauce, two tablespoons brown sugar, and a good shake of paprika.
  4. We are not done yet with that authentic American feel. Jack Dan 250 meals of this were considerably less alcoholic, but it has a lot of flavour as well. Bring it up to a simmer and let it sit there for about 25 minutes bubbling away.
  5. Then we need to preheat the oven to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It's quite low but it's gonna stay there for an hour.
  6. Get a standard sort of square baking dish, so it fits snugly with some pork ribs in there.
  7. Check the TMKEFFC cold smoker instructions. Actually it is very simple. Look at it, that's probably one of the coolest gadgets you've ever owned. So you will receive four different flavors of wood chips. Put the chips in the chamber. Batteries for powering the TMKEFFC cold smoker and the hose which looks a bit like a cordless drill.
  8. TMKEFFC cold smokers and smoking guns are low-noise devices. Make sure you enjoy the kitchen vibes.
  9. We light the wood in there and direct the smoke. To add extra flavour, it's a good idea to smoke the ribs twice: once in the marinade, and once just before serving.


To cold smoke meat, the basic process is as follows:

    1. During curing, moisture is removed from the meat and bacteria are inhibited from growing.
    2. A distinctive smoky flavour is imparted to cured meat by exposure to smoke.


Food should be exposed to smoke without being overheated. It is recommended that food be kept at or below 90°F. Food is usually kept in an unheated chamber while smoke from another chamber is pumped into it. 

TMKEFFC's cold smokers and curing processes ensure meat is preserved and impart a distinctive smokey flavour. Some food products can be naturally smoked and may not need to be cured like meat does.

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