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Cocktail smoking is a technique for adding smokey notes to cocktails by exposing the entire cocktail, individual components, or only the drinking glass to chilled smoke. Typically, a smoker gun, wood chips, a smoking cloche, and a glass mixing bowl are required. A glass mixing bowl lets you see what’s going on.

For the at-home mixologist, a smoking cocktail is very easy to accomplish with very few items needed. The key to a great smoked cocktail is, well, the smoke. This can easily be acquired by burning applewood, hickory, or oak sticks. If you are feeling creative, try using your favorite tea or all-natural tobacco.

Once your drink is prepared, make sure to stir it with some ice to dilute and cool the beverage.
Next, unplug your smoke-filled decanter and slowly pour the liquid into the smoke. Shake a few times.
One essential technique to smoking a cocktail is not shaking it too much or too long. The more shaking and the longer the cocktail is exposed to the smoke, the stronger the smoke flavor can be. Try 4 or 5 gentle shakes.
Slowly pour the cocktail into your serving glass and let the smoke settle on top. A great cocktail should have a wonderful aroma, a great taste, and a beautiful presentation.

The idea behind smoking a drink is to allow the liquid and the smoke flavors to combine into a new unique flavor. Most experts say you should wait anywhere between3-5 minutesfor the smoke to work its magic

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