Best Gift Choices for Food Geek|Black Friday 2022

Nov 23, 2022falls shu
Best Gift Choices for Food Geek|Black Friday 2022

Hi, Black Friday is around the corner again. Did you get your buying list ready? Tired of hunting around the web while getting nothing actually flipped your heart? Gift choosing can be exhausting every year. But that’s life it is! We celebrate growing older, farewell to the past and foremost expressing love to those still around us in this short but quick lifetime. 

When it comes to gift choice or any festivals. Making choice can be simple, as long as you ask yourself the following question before making the decision. 

“What are the most important things in life?”  

For me, food and love. So it is never too painstaking to get my gift ready. I am going to share with you my buying guides this year. You’re welcome! 


First of all, a set of pretty plates and bowls will absolutely lighten your kitchen. Better to choose some dishes that work with the microwave. Also, mind the material of the plates to make sure when you serve hot food with the plates, your fingers stay. 

If you are a picture geek like me, try to find something matches perfectly with your silverware or glassware, even the table. Plates are something we use every day, beauty and quality should be considered equally. A set of plates is always a good choice for family and food lovers. Find the plates fit for any feast, you can always trust IKEA. If you get more budget, you can visit some local stores for more options. 


Pots and pans are the kitchen killers. As long as you own a kitchen those two kitchen essentials can really make or break a meal when it comes to browning chicken skin, frying eggs that don’t stick and even simmering soups all day long.

The pots and pans' choice should depend on how you plan to use them.  Think about what kinds of foods you’d like to cook, and for how many people. That makes choosing cookware a lot easier because it determines the type and number and size of pans you actually need.

As a single working woman with a passion for food, I don't consider myself a gourmet chef, but I do appreciate the importance of having simple yet high-quality pots and pans in my kitchen. I prefer cookware that's not overly heavy but versatile enough for both frying and boiling. The idea of having one pot that can do it all is truly appealing to me, but as a woman, aesthetics matter too. That's why I've turned to NuWave® for my cookware needs; they excel in providing the perfect blend of quality, innovation, and stylish design, aligning perfectly with my pursuit of quality and healthy cooking.

Something FUN

Have you ever tried smoking flavour? I am not speaking of cigarettes, but some healthy trending ways of making your food and drinks embraced with a smoking vibe. Chefs or bartenders may get me instantly. For general family cooks like you and me, we need some search on those stylish kitchen appliances, like how smoking guns work for food and drinks. Lucky for me, I’ve got a friend who is a huge fan of smoking food.  

I bet you tried some fancy dishes in some fabulous places with smoking flavour too. But you may think it is only possible in those restaurants. Here I introduce you to a portable smoking gun to add smoky flavour and aroma to your kitchen as well. 

TMKEFFC offers affordable and fashionable smoking guns for family use. Smoking your beef and chicken is the primary function you can think of. That’s not all!  Try to play around with various smoking gun wood chips in the same cocktail to understand the nuances. Even add smoke to your Bloody Mary. That’s a great new experience. Highly recommend the smoke board kit if you enjoy playing mixologist.

Thanks for reading my wish list. If my friend, you are reading this for your gift choice for me, I bet you get me to the point. Sharing your gift-picking theory or story in the comments. Life only glows with shared ideas. 

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