About Us

TMKEFFC Brand Story

TMKEFFC brings you the kitchen supplies you have been waiting for with our top-tier, supreme smoking guns and other kitchen and bar equipment. Our small and inspired team shares a strong passion for teaching everyone how to be an amazing chef with simple and effective cooking products. We make cool, modern, and high-quality products that will impress your friends and family when you wow them with your meal. TMKEFFC is excited to introduce you to the incredible world of kitchen mastery!

At TMKEFFC, we make a wide variety of professional and affordable cooking products. Our featured product, the smoking gun, takes any meal to new heights by providing expert-level flavor to any food. They are much easier, faster, and more versatile than traditional smokers and they still give you the same delicious taste. Other products included in our shop range from unique kitchen tools to must-have bar accessories each made with the most durable, dependable materials. We promise to provide nothing but the best for our customers and if for some reason you are not satisfied, we will go above and beyond to meet your expectations. YOU are the top priority at TMKEFFC.

Our unique brand name sets the stage for the rest of our business. The acronym TMKEFFC stands for two different, important messages: Top Master Kitchen Efficiency Club, and To Make Every Friend Feel Cool. Both of the messages attached to our brand name sheds light on what we can do for you! First, we can make you into the top master chef you have always wanted to be. Your culinary skills and passion will come together when you use our smoking guns and other state-of-the-art kitchen and bar products. Whether you invest in our products for yourself or as a gift for another devoted chef in your life, the user of our products is sure to feel like the world’s greatest chef. They will also feel cool, which fits perfectly with the second meaning of our name. We want everyone that uses our products to feel the amazing effects of professional and efficient cooking equipment. It does not require much to be the fantastic chef you have always dreamed of being. You can achieve top chef status all while feeling your best, and we cannot wait to hear about your experiences with our products. We encourage every one of our customers to share their cool experiences with us and the ways our products have changed their lives. Hearing from you is a sweet bonus in our line of work!

All of us at TMKEFFC are excited for you as you venture into a world of luxury and ease with our affordable and useful products. Your cooking experience will change forever with our smoking gun and the other kitchen gadgets available in our shop. Come along with us and take part in the specialized excellence of TMKEFFC kitchen and bar products!

If you need any services, please call us +1(318) 295-9846, or email us support@tmkeffc.com