Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions on Smoking Guns in Cooking

Dec 23, 2022falls shu
Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions on Smoking Guns in Cooking

Are you interested in smoking foods in your own kitchen but you're not sure how to get started? Perhaps you're new to smoking and wondering what to do, or maybe you're a seasoned smoker wondering what it can do for you? To help you get started or continue on your culinary adventures right now, we will show you the TMKEFFC smoking gun and answer the top 3 most frequently asked questions about smoking guns in cooking.  

FQA 1: What is the smoking gun and how is it different from the traditional wood smoking method that people might be used to? 

These do both smoke with wood, a tradition is going to be in a box that is generally hot above 220 degrees and you would do long from smoking like brisket, ribs, that kind of stuff. The smoking gun is made for a cold smoke, but it's also made for a quick smoke. So if you wanted to smoke something simple like a cocktail, you're not gonna have to fire up your smoker outside and wait for it to get hot and smokey and then put your cocktail in there. Right? With a smoking gun you can do this on demand when you need a little bit of smoke flavour to enhance whatever you are making. 

FQA 2: How does a smoking gun work exactly? 

It's actually very simple. Putting it together is a breeze. Now a lot of people make the mistake of thinking “oh! well I just put the wood chips in the chamber and it just heats it up and does it on its own.” and that's not quite right. After you put the wood in there, you need to light some fire, and then the smoke will be pulled through. Many people have tried it and said, “Oh this doesn't work! ”  Since there is no element in the chamber to heat it. So you're going to have to add some fire. TMKEFFC smoking gun comes with four different types of wood chips. So when you purchase the smoking gun, you'll get the wood chips and then if you need more, obviously you can purchase more. The wood ranges from Applewood, Mesquite, Hickory and Cherrywood. Mesquite, Hickory are really the ones that you would do for like meat that traditional smoke that you would use. Applewood you could obviously do that with meats as well, but they had a lot of different little things like let's say smoking cream. I want something that's not as intensely smoked as Mesquite or Hickory


FQA 3: Is smoking guns in cooking good or bad for my health?

Smoking preserves the flavour of foods. Food that has been smoked with a smoking gun retains its natural nutrients while imparting an irresistibly delicious flavour. Using a smoking gun to smoke your food adds no calories or harmful chemicals to your diet. When you flavour your food with a smoking gun, you can enjoy the smoky flavour without the health risks associated with traditional methods. Some ordinary dishes can be elevated to extraordinary levels using this instant smoking technique.

There's a lot of different things that you can do to add smoke without having to break out the big smoker. The possibilities with smoking guns in cooking are definitely infinite. Hope that you have fun with TMKEFFC smoking gun for food and cocktails. If you do smoke something or you want us to smoke something, leave it in the comments below.  

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