How to Use the TMKEFFC Smoking Gun for Steak

Dec 01, 2022falls shu
How to Use the TMKEFFC Smoking Gun for Steak

Have you ever heard of TMKEFFC Smoking Guns?  I know the answer is probably "NO!" But lucky for you, I am about to tell you something about this smoky brand of affordable and portable smoker guns. 

"TMKEFFC? What does the brand name stand for? ” This is the first question I got to ask Qian, the owner of TMKEFFC. He told me he didn’t know either. Qian started his business by selling quality smoke guns on the e-commerce platform. Back then, he just wanted a name that was unique and different from others. He said he picked up some letters casually and that was the beginning of TMKEFFC smoking guns. On some products, it is abbreviated as "TK"

We tried to figure out some reasonable explanations for this brand at the beginning of its online marketing, such as: 

「 Top Machine Elite Favorite Fabulous Choice」...

But eventually, we gave up! TMKEFFC is the name and spirit of TK smoke guns for food and drinks. What matters is not the name of a brand but the voices that come with the product.  


Let’s check some genuine reviews from consumers. 

For one of TMKEFFC’s Portable Smoking Guns for Food and Cocktail  

Walker Schlundt wrote as follows: 

“ For a long time, I've been looking for an inexpensive way to add a smokey flavour to my foods without liquid smoke. At one point I even attempted to make my smoke gun with a small vacuum device and hose fittings. Sadly that device could not tolerate the heat created by burning smoker chips. This one though has become my new go-to device for adding depth to cheeses, sliced meats, and even meatballs. The device is simple to use and only needs 2 AA batteries. The kit comes with a pack of wood chips that can be used immediately. I've also experimented with smoke pellets and after crushing them with a hammer, they worked just as well as the included wood chips. The device is sturdy in construction and the top is metal which does get warm when you begin to burn the chips. The smoke created is ample, and the flexible tube can be inserted easily into a ziplock bag. The smoke that comes out is at room temperature, which is a significant improvement over my homemade smoke gun. Cool smoke makes it much simpler to use on things like cheese as it doesn't cause the cheese to melt. I was really happy that a simple match could light the smoker without needing a lighter, or a stronger fire source. I'm pleased with this device and my next projects will be in the realm of adding smokey flavours to cocktails and chilis.”

Smoking guns can really work magic on food and cocktails. I saw so many interesting recipes from customers online. Here is a recipe for an easy and delicious steak that uses the TMKEFFC Smoking Guns in only 3 minutes to infuse the steak with natural smoke flavour!



  • 3-pound steak
  • 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil  
  • 2 tbsp steak spice or salt and pepper



  1. Coat the steak on both sides liberally with olive oil
  2. Season steak on both sides with steak spice, or salt and pepper
  3. Keep the steak in the fridge overnight uncovered
  4. Remove the steak one hour before cooking for the steak to get to room temperature
  5. Heat up the grill to 550 degrees F
  6. As soon as the direct heat is on, add the steak. Depending on the amount of char on the steak, feel free to move the steak in and out of the direct heat
  7. Cook to the desired doneness. It takes about 6 minutes per side for medium-rare


Use the TMKEFFC Smoking Gun

  1. Remove the steak from the heat into a deep dish pan or a container deep enough for the steak. While the steak is resting, use the TK smoking gun to infuse smoke flavour into the meat
  2. Add hickory smoke chips to the wood chamber of the TMKEFFC Smoking Gun. Place the silicone hose under the plastic wrap with the opening above the steak (making sure the hose does not touch the steak).
  3. Turn the smoking gun on high speed (double line) and ignite the wood chips. Switch to low speed (single line) until the pan is filled with smoke, then turn off the smoking gun. Let the smoke infuse for 3 minutes. Make sure the plastic wrap tightly seals the pan so smoke does not escape. Feel free to remove the hose before sealing the pan. I left my hose in while the smoke was infusing the meat
  4. After 3 minutes, remove the plastic wrap and place the steak in a dish to be served

Enjoy your meal with the easy-to-use TMKEFFC Smoke Guns! We don't have a fancy story to tell, but we do have some talents for smoky gun cooking. Leave your ideas below and take the recipe home. Bon appétit my friend!


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