Outstanding uses of TMKEFFC Smoking gun

Sep 30, 2022Tony Mike
Outstanding uses of TMKEFFC Smoking gun

 As the name implies, "smoking gun" may sound like a toy for the boys, but a smoking gun is an exceptional Kitchen gadget that you will not need a license for. Besides, it may be one of the fantastic kitchen kits your kitchen has been missing to look more appealing and unique. In this article, I will show you what smoking is and the great uses of smoking guns.


What is a Smoking Gun?

The Smoking Gun is simply a unique way of smoking both drinks and foods quickly. It is quite a simple gadget to use with a cavity for holding spices and flavors and is then lit with the vapor being extruded over your chosen food or drink from the end of a long pipe.

The smoker gun discharges smoke-like vapor from the end of the pipe at room temperature. The smoke from the smoke gun means the food you intended to smoke will not be cooked by the smoke but saturate with the intended flavor. With the food smoker, you can smoke anything from salads to meringues to fruit and so on.

Outstanding uses of Smoking gun

Due to the practical simplicity of the hand-held food smoker, it is becoming extremely prominent in professional kitchens and increasingly popular in the home. The food smoker gives you the ability to recreate loving smoked drinks and dishes all in the solace of your home. Smoke gun modifies the most regular food into something unique with little or no cost and effort. Below are the great uses of smoking guns.

1. For Smoking drinks


Enjoying an occasional happy hour bloody Mary is not enough when you can enjoy more of a smoked cocktail in the comfort of your home. Instead of staying out there all day waiting in the queue for a nice drink, why not get yourself a cocktail smoker?

This is where the smoking gun comes in handy! The smoking gun was specially made for drinks and cocktails using the best lids. To smoke your drinks; all you have to do is;

  1. Cover the drink with a smoking lid and insert the pipe through the tiny opening on the lid.
  2. Load the cocktail smoker with your choice of wood chips; we recommend hickory for our bloody Mary recipe and cherry wood chips for red wine.

iii. Now, you can turn on and light up Fuma; it may start on high but then bring it down to low. Let the flavored smoke saturate your plate for one to two minutes for an exclusive taste!

2. For Smoking Foods (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)

Smoking gun for cooking foods, who would have imagined it? With a smoke gun, you can smoke almost anything either for breakfast (which includes bacon, eggs, blueberry, pancakes, and so on), lunch (which may include a jelly sandwich, peanut burger, or shrimp salad), or dinner (something like pizza and so on). The use of smoking guns comes with easiness and comfortability.


3. For Smoking raw Meats

Have you imagined smoking cold, smoke meat? This is the best treatment we like to use for our meat lovers because they prefer even flavorful meat! After you have seasoned your steak, spots it in a vacuum-sealed bag, dip Fuma's pipe in the bag before shutting it. Then fill the gun with your flavor, preferably hickory wood chips, turn on and  it up! You may start on high but reduce it to low; let the flavored smoke saturate your plate for about a minute to 2 minutes for ultimate taste!

4. For smoking Dessert

Yes, we were at the spot! Who said you could not smoke your chocolate? Doughnuts are already a favorite of the kids, so take it to the maximum level! An example of our favorite is the cinnamon smoked doughnuts, where the classic apple-cinnamon love affair is combined with applewood chips doughnuts. You can experience the smooth intake of sweet flavors, taking complete control of your five senses!


The Smoking Gun is quite an easy way to impart smoky flavors to your drinks and foods rapidly. The smoker gun can be used for diverse settings and purposes, so if you are a lover of common smoky-ness (like I do) and if you are feeling slightly like a mad food scientist, this is the best toy for you.

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